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ATIMA-TPIM activities are relocating to meet the company's evolving needs

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

ATIMA-TPIM announces the relocation of its headquarters from Pepinster to new 4000m2 facilities in Milmort (Herstal), specifically designed and equipped to host the growing activities.

ATIMA-TPIM has contracted the site in July 2021 and finalised the construction in December 2022. The new site is fully equipped with a high-performance infrastructure to host the production. The environmental performance of the buildings meets the highest standards, thanks in particular to excellent thermal insulation and energy management systems. Finally, the premises have all the potential to ensure the well-being of ATIMA-TPIM’s teams with a high level of services.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for ATIMA-TPIM, the new facilities offering a conducive environment for new ways of production , substantially enhancing our environmental impact relative to our existing location and providing a cost competitive solution lowering operating energy costs by two-thirds.”

Thanks to the involvement of the entire team, the move of all production equipments and the administrative team was completed during the 2022-2023 Christmas break in less than 3 weeks. The new site is designed to increase the production capacity by 30% while hosting up to 25 team members.

“This relocation project is in line with ATIMA-TPIM's strategic ambitions to become a leader in shaping composite materials. In the close vicinity of our supply chain and key customers, the new 4000m2 facility enable growth and productivity improvements.” said Naji El Masri, CEO.

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