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Who We Are

Located in Liège - Belgium, ATIMA-TPIM is machining advanced material for more than 2 decades.

Fruit of the merger of competences of ATIMA and TPIM in 2004, ATIMA TPIM quickly established itself as one of the leading companies in the sector of shaping composites, plastics, foam and other aluminium materials for the steelmaking industry, aeronautics, railways, medicine and nuclear industries. Located in  Liege, ATIMA-TPIM achieves 30% of its turnover abroad and works in close partnership with the most important steelmaking, aerospace, energy, defense and railways groups worldwide.

Composite usinage milling CNC plastic foam mica

Our Expertise

We manufacture all types of composite, plastic, foam and aluminium components.

On the strength of an investment policy based on innovation and competitiveness, we enablea state-of-the-art equipment ensuring increased yield and quality of finish without any compromise. 

A team of 20 highly experienced team members are ready to meet your requirements with strict observance of your quality, budget and specifications. Our rationalisation based on efficiency and responsiveness ensures the fastest processing and start of production both in Belgium and internationally.

Core Values


Our team is obsessed in hunting the most innovative solution to solve the customer problems. Looking from a different angle, insatiable to deliver the best quality, our team innovate every day.


Devoted to the excellence, we mix numerical and traditional machining units with the 25+ years know-how of complex material, to our customers upmost requirements.


ATIMA-TPIM is located in the middle of Belgium, the beating heart of the European market and the major international players.


Rue des Alouettes 90

4041 Milmort (Herstal)


Phone: +32 87 65 66 50

Bring your design to life

ATIMA-TPIM manufactures and supplies tailored composites and aluminium parts for industrial applications.

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