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Airplane Wing

Aerospace - Defense

ATIMA-TPIM manufactures custom flight-critical subsystems and components for customers in the aerospace and defense sectors. We excel at developing and applying advanced manufacturing solutions to help our customers solve highly complex technical challenges.

For decades, we’ve provided precision-machined parts to major OEMs. We work with virtually all composite, foam and other non-magnetic  materials, including high-temperature grades.

wing flap composite part
wing leading edge composite part

ATIMA-TPIM has extensive expertise in the manufacturing of sub-components that are assembled in such wing movables as slats, flaps, ailerons and spoilers, including their mechanisms wing ice protection systems and fairings.

Our WARTEX® composite material and our manufacturing expertise enables us to deliver wing movable sub-components in a large range of aircraft (commercial, regional, business jet or military). 

Aircraft Wing movables

Aircraft interior composite

The history of composite interiors spans several decades and encompasses a wide range of aircraft platforms, including long-distance and regional commercial transports, business and private aircraft and military/government aircraft. suppliers of commercial transport aircraft interiors have employed a variety of composite materials in the construction of a broad range of internal components and fixtures, including floor boards, bulkheads and cabin dividers, lavatories, galleys, wall and ceiling panels and stowage bins. Although competing interior component makers work hard to differentiate their products, the composite materials used to fabricate them are similar, because their builders must comply with common flame, smoke and toxicity (FST), crash safety and other performance

Aircraft Interiors

Defense parts in composite foam plastic aluminium

Composites are an obvious first choice to meet the extreme strength-to-weight, durability and structural requirements of the military arena; for this reason, composite materials are rapidly replacing metals in many facets of defense construction. As a critical supplier to the defense industry, ATIMA-TPIM prototypes parts and systems, including unique extruded composite parts, in addition to manufacturing production runs for various defense applications. We have produced composite structures for many defense structures and projects.

Thanks to our quality certification, ATIMA-TPIM masters the necessity of precise execution and rigorous discipline in the Defense industry. We’re accustomed to meeting demanding deadlines, stringent specifications and complex geometries.



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Bring your design to life

ATIMA-TPIM manufactures and supplies tailored composites and aluminium parts for industrial applications.

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