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Equipements we rely on

ATIMA-TPIM aims to occupy a leading position as a supplier of composites, plastic, foam and aluminium mechanical parts by combining convention and numérical CNC turning, milling and grinding. Located in Belgium, our team aims to offer as complete a range of machining products as possible in a variety of sizes and in various raw materials.

With a thorough investment program in the most advanced CNC machines, our team strives for systematic cost optimisation and continuous improvement of its production process. Our 2 most recent 5-axis CNC machines offer a unique machining capacity of 6000 x 3000 x 1200 mm. The extensive experience and expertise in the sector are used to produce a product with a better price-quality ratio for the customer through co-engineering.

5-axis CNC Milling Usinage center

CNC Tooling and Machining

Our wide range of 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines enable the manufacturing of parts and products in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Equipped with a single or a double table and a vaccum table, our largest CNC machines offer a machining capacity up to 6000 x 3000 x 1200mm. As the process utilizes computer-aided design software and computer-guided controls, it can accommodate some of the most intricate and complex designs and turn them into physical pieces with tight tolerances.

Compound Molding Machine

The hot compression molding process is a method in which SMS sheets is pressed in a pre-heated metal mold and cured by heating and pressure. Mainly used as structural parts, connectors, protective parts and electrical insulation parts. It is widely used in agriculture, transportation, electrical, chemical, construction and machinery industries.

Composite extrusion à chaud
Composite Hot Extrusion machine

Composite Pipe Extrusion

Our hot extrusion line is used to extrude high performance hollow composite tubes for applications which require advanced tubing composite material  properties. 

Our unique equipment extrudes tubes in a broad variety of composite materials including the custom formulation of specialty resins with enhanced properties.  

conventional lathe machining center usinage conventionnel tour scie fileteuse

Conventional workshop equipements

At ATIMA-TPIM, our line-up of conventional equipments combined with ou digital multi-axis CNC centres allows us to provide customers with the versatility, productivity, and cost savings needed to tackle any job in industries. The best combination of modern and conventional approaches rely on the technician extensive knowledge and skills with one objective: manufacture parts that matches our customer thecnical and commercial expectation.

Bring your design to life

ATIMA-TPIM manufactures and supplies tailored composites and aluminium parts for industrial applications.

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