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Rolling Mills Equipments

ATIMA-TPIM has, for more than 2 decades, supplied rolling mills with wipers, block bearings, chock liner and thrust collars through Europe, United Stated and many more countries across the world.

Our Wipers blades, bearings and collars and slippers block components accurately meet the imposed performance standards and maintain consistent quality thanks to our proprietary WARTEX® composite fiber material. In this way we contribute to an efficient production process for our steelmakers customers, so that they can optimize the cost price and quality of their product while limiting the down time.

Wipers hot mills steel makers wartex racleur laminoir
Wipers hot mills steel makers wartex racleur laminoir

WARTEX® and WARGLASS® MOG wipers blades, bearings and other hot mills components have an excellent seal and exceptional heat and shock resistance and are remarkably wear-resistant. These qualities can only be obtained by expertise throughout the manufacturing process.

The wipers are laminated by high-pressure hot pressing. Various anti-wear additives are directly incorporated in the mass beforehand. The wipers then undergo accurate machining, giving them a the degree of finish required by the customers.


WARTEX® C6 MOG ( MOS2) wipers and other hot mills components are the most widely used and are excellent value for money. WARGLASS G3 MOG wipers are designed for extreme conditions.

Our WARGLASS  and WARTEX materials replaces brass, bronze, or steel that are problematic in hot mills applications considering the high load/temperature/impact or are difficult to lubricate.

Wipers blades in hot mill cages 

Composite bearing wartex hot mill composite laminoir
Composite bearing bushing

Wartex® bearings are designed with the high-performance composite materials. It results in an extended wear life of the bearing and the mating parts. Carbon-graphite, Alumina and Molybdenum Disulfide fillers are added to a modified phenolic resin formulation to provide internal lubrication that reduces frictional heat and extends wear life. Our bearings have been used in many rolling mill bearing applications to replace bronze, copper and lead Babbitt bearings. Other benefits include low friction, low heat build-up, no cold flow conditions and excellent resiliency.

High-pressure presses with computer controls ensure that ATIMA-TPIM bearings are manufactured to specifications with the correct pressures, cycle times, conditions and temperatures. Our bearings are manufactured with pressure applied perpendicularly to the bearing load surface. This means exceptional mechanical strengths and extended wear life for your application.

Bearings & Collars

Nylon slipper block hot mill laminoir

Typically made from steel or bronze, the nyllon slipper pad are used as a coupling insert in the steel mill for roller and extension shaft coupling sleeves. Nylon possesses the required high impact strength to resist the severe environment of a rolling mill. Our machine pad will not wear the spindle, roll, or coupling housing.

Last but not least, the use of nylon material in this application drastically reduces the work of maintenance crews while reducing the part by approximately 85%.

Nylon Slipper block


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