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Give Shape to your ideas in Composite Materials

Shape Advanced Material Under One Roof

Up to 5,000 Parts machined in composite material delivered in 2022

1000+ Materials Available - Plastic, Composite, Foam,  Aluminium

25 Industrial CNC, Hot press and Extrusion machines

100+ years cumulated experience and knowledge 

With 25 years expertise and a state-of-the art equipment, we develop industrial solutions for the entire shaping process, from prototyping to industrial manufacturing of parts in composites, plastic, foam and aluminium material.

Composite milling


Our Know-How in Composite, Plastic, Foam & Aluminium

Our team expertise assists our customers from the part inception to right material choices and the best-in-class manufacturing process.

Our Bespoke Customer

We analyses your needs from the design to the production stage and we propose the most efficient solution. 

Our last generation  of Machining Equipements

25+ last generation CNC, Hydraulic shaping and extrusion manufacturing equipments, ready to meet the upmost complex requirements.


Our Quality

We uphold our values to guarantee a consistent quality without any compromise to our customers.

We Stay at the Edge of the Technology

Our Customers

Sonaca link aerospace
Arvedi website steelmaker
Infrabel Website train transportation
Automatic System access control
Bekaert Steel wiremaker
Composites machining



Rue des Alouettes 90

4041 Milmort (Herstal)


Phone: +32 87 65 66 50

Bring your design to life

ATIMA-TPIM manufactures and supplies tailored composites and aluminium parts for industrial applications.

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