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Turn your design in parts made of advanced composite material.

What we offer

At ATIMA-TPIM, we offer a complete, end-to-end service that includes design & engineering, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, fitting, assembly and testing.  We have been selling and manufacturing composite, plastic, foam and aluminium components for over two decades and we have an enviable reputation for meeting our customers’ specifications, schedules and budgets first time.  We recognise that the quality of your product relies on the quality of ours and everything that we do has that thought in mind without any compromise.

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One shop stop to shape advanced materials

Our brand new 4000 m2 manufacturing facility enables our fully trained and experienced workforce to sell and manufacture composite, plastic, foam and aluminium material in accordance with your most complex requirements.  We can ‘build to print’, if necessary assisting you to engineer a cost-effective design solution, or we can undertake any special or bespoke project that you may be considering.

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A unique approach

By combining our engineering, traditional and most innovative machining capabilities, we can manage the progression from prototype parts made of composites, foam, plastic and aluminium to a production level manufacturing. Quality-driven, we take extreme measures to ensure parts conform exactly to customer specifications. We also plan and schedule work to meet strict production deadlines.
ATIMA-TPIM senior management team apply a company wide lean manufacturing approach for quality competitively priced components. 

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Quality focus

We wish, through fulfillment of our customers’ demands and expectations, to be perceived as a trustworthy and customer-oriented supplier of consistent quality products and we always strive towards zero defect deliveries.
In our line of business, our main area of thrust is quality, maintained and promoted by a highly qualified and dedicated team of employees. Our ISO 9001 certification forms the natural platform for our quality efforts, but we always seek to go beyond the basic requirements and take steps to detect and eliminate quality issues throughout our supply chain processes.


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Manufacturing Enginering Services

Our engineers can help you develop your initial component concept right through prototyping to full-scale production, as required.  We have an experienced in-house design and engineering team that will work with you to refine your component specification, whether this is a one-off bespoke design or one intended for repeatable manufacturing.

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Material Engineering Services

If you are unsure of whether a product would benefit from the application of composites, simply contact us for a no commitment discussion early during the conceptual phase as this can often reduce a project timeline and cost. Our composite experts are developing composites material and will help you choose the materials and manufacturing process that best fits the performance specifications and financial budget of your component. ATIMA-TPIM has developed and registered his own formula of composite material based on specific customer requirements.


Rue des Alouettes 90

4041 Milmort (Herstal)


Phone: +32 87 46 05 46

Bring your design to life

ATIMA-TPIM manufactures and supplies tailored composites and aluminium parts for industrial applications.

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