About us

    Fruit of the merger of competences of ATIMA and TPIM in 2004, ATIMA TPIM quickly established itself as one of the leading companies in the sector of machined products for the steelmaking industry, aeronautics, railways, medicine and nuclear technology. Situated in Pepinster in the Liege province, ATIMA TPIM achieves 70% of its turnover abroad and works in close partnership with the most important steelmaking groups worldwide.

    Our expertise

    We manufacture all types of customised composite, plastic and aluminium components and equipments. On the strength of an investment policy based on innovation and competitiveness we place at your disposal state-of-the-art equipment ensuring increased yield and quality of finish unequalled in the market.

    Our service

    A team of 30 collaborators ready to meet your requirements with strict observance of your budget and specifications. Our rationalisation based on efficiency and responsiveness ensures the fastest processing and start of production both in Belgium and internationally.

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